Confetti Album 2020

Welcome to the twenty twenty Confetti album! This year’s compilation follows on from our Annual last year, but with added student involvement. As well as our students writing, performing, recording, mixing and mastering the album, with support from staff, we had students supporting the quality control of the tracks in a way an A&R role would do in a major record label.

This is all under the umbrella of Denizen, Confetti’s record label steered by Confetti’s very own music industry guru, Spencer Wells.

This year’s album will again be free to download on Bandcamp, featuring students across our Music Performance and Audio and Music Technology courses. We hope you enjoy listening!


The Q



Riviera are a five-piece indie/rock band emerging from Derby, England. They have adopted a sound that throwsback to the Manchester scene of the early ‘90s. Riviera came together in early 2019 when lead singer Archie Orme began writing songs on his own, later joining Billy Watson (lead guitar) and Joe Woodhead (rhythm guitar), Danny Overton (drums) and Omari Simon (bass) to form the band.

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Back to the Floor



Back to the Floor is a fun track that is all about positive energy and having fun with a subtle sense of being a rebel. Almost like an anthem, it makes the audience dance, ‘shake off’ their sorrows and simply have a good time, while in metaphoric sense the entire song is based on having a good time with the opposite sex.

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Catch of the Day

Near Mrs


Catch of the Day is about having that one person who you know truly, no matter who they spend time with or date, they will always come back to you in the end.

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El Brown


Nanette is the story of someone coming to terms with the fact that they’re being cheated on. But – they are so deeply in love with this person that they just can’t leave. It’s not a situation I’ve ever been in – and if I could tell this person to just leave Nanette then I would.

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The Chronicle



I have learned that taking some time away from the track and coming back to it later – maybe after a few days – can be an eye opener, and can allow you to get a better feel of the track.

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The End

Ellie Torrance


The song is about admitting my mistakes in a friendship and saying goodbye to someone very important to me.

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Magnetic Souls

No Mind's Land


I guess at the core it’s about the guilt that comes with ending a relationship. Hurting someone who doesn’t deserve to be hurt, and recognising that you’re hurting yourself in the process is painful and confusing.

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Catch My Vibe

Trulie Howe


Catch My Vibe is about spreading positivity. It’s about unity, inspired by equality, LGBTQ and the #BeKind tribute.

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Factory Girl

The Russell Sisters


The song chosen for this album is a traditional Irish song called Factory Girl. The song tells the story of a girl who works in a factory and how a wealthy man sees her, falls in love and asks her to marry him.  Sadly she does not feel worthy of his love due to her low social standing and refuses him.

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Lucky 6

Sian Clarke


Lucky 6 is the song I have chosen to submit for the Confetti album, this song is about society, me unapologetically being me. This song is for those who ever felt lost, felt as if they were a last choice, different, the odd one out.

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Stephen Grainger


I wanted to create a track that felt like you’re driving along the French riviera in a 1990 Saab 900 Convertible at 110 km/hr (the speed limit on French dual carriageways).

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Song for You

Kunle B


The song I chose for the album is called Song for You. I guess it’s almost unreal when you have someone who cares about you unconditionally. Someone who sees past your flaws but helps you become a better you. Someone who strengthens you mentally and spiritually, even by them just being in front of you physically and someone who selflessly chooses to put you first. Song for You appreciates that person who fulfills these qualities.

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Marvin's Revenge


We wrote it as an opening song for our live set but for some reason now we always play it last. Probably because it’s really, really long. It’s just a bit of an outlet of energy and aggression and that makes it so much fun to play.

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Loving Me

Daveann Paddy


The story behind the song is all based around love – the good and bad times in a relationship. I personally love to write love songs even if the story doesn’t always include me, I like to look at other situations and write around them but with a twist, so that others can feel the emotion.

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Give Me Something to Believe



I felt I didn’t conform to any of the pockets of people that were around me, yet I was coming into contact with them every day. If anything, the song is my statement about not having to be part of those pockets to live life. I realised that it’s up to me, and me alone to break myself free from those societies and life my own life with my own ideals.

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Something Inside Me

James Burt


To me this song is about the fallout of a broken relationship. It describes the feeling of caring for someone who doesn’t care back. The narrative involves a girl who leaves New York so that she can move on with her life. The other person is in that desperate stage of a breakup where they will do anything to keep the other person with them even though they know it’s the wrong thing to do. Even though the character isn’t loved anymore, no matter how hard they try there’s a feeling inside them that won’t allow them to move on.

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Message to the Media

Sam Barker


Message to The Media was written out of anger towards social media site and other big corporations that control how we perceive the world. I wrote the song when I was 15 but I’ve only just had the chance to record it with more than just my acoustic guitar.

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That'll Do

Pixie Styx


That’ll Do is my take on a story passed down through five generations of my family (so far!) My Great Great Grandma Charlotte Richards learned her tailoring skills from her Grandad and used them to keep herself going when times were tough. She would buy a suit from a pawn shop, take it apart, turn it inside out to hide the stained, worn outside and then sew it back up as a new garment. Then she’d flog it off as new and spend the money on gin, if the stories are to be believed.

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I Fall Down



The story behind my song I Fall Down for this year’s Confetti album, I have been suffering mobility issues with my legs and everytime my foot is about to trip, I stumble on the ground. My falls are ranged from mild to severe (severe being a fatal injury when I go near something and I fall) each time I have an accident. I Fall Down feels personal to me because of the way my reduced mobility have pushed me over the edge. I have to be aware of what I am stepping on without tumbling down to my feet.

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Rhythm of the Howling Moon

William Saddington


The Rhythm Of The Howling Moon, for me, is finding yourself not fitting in. Everybody else attends this place/ritual the Rhythm of The Howling Moon, you are also going to but can’t understand the appeal. Is society just too blinded by their own thoughts that they follow like sheep? Or are you the odd one out? Then there is just that one person who understands your pain, you find them at this place/ritual and that’s the only place you feel safe.

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